It’s time to wake up!

11:50 P.M (13 August, 1947):

‘Yeh All India Lahore hai, ap hmaray aglay ailan ka intazar kren.’

Next announcement 15 minutes later 00:05 (14 August, 1947):

‘Yeh Radio Pakistan hai, ap ko Pakistan Mubarak ho.’

        People who went through that moment can still feel the goose bumps and every patriotic person can explain the emotions. 14 August, this day is an occasion to foster patriotism and national unity, when valiant attempts of our national heroes are appreciated. Independence Day is celebrated by the Pakistanis with patriotic enthusiasm to gratify their patriotism soul by singing national songs, and dressing up in the colours of the national flag, white and green. Joyful meetings with relatives, gifts exchanging and visiting restoration spots are also referred to do on this day. Public, private buildings, residences and monuments are enhanced and colourfully lit by Pakistan’s national flag at the daybreak, including the national parliament. Pakistan’s Independence Day is also to remunerate and pay special honour to people who dedicated their lives, energy and spirits for Pakistan’s freedom movement and abandoned themselves to attain and grant us with such unprejudiced place to reside.

        Every year on August 14, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan eulogises its Independence Day to keep alive the memory of shaping this whole place for next generations and to delineate the national autonomy of the Indian subcontinent, gained on 1947. The oppressive ruling of Hindus and British became this much intense that Muslims had to snatch their freedom to get rid of the humiliation. Always being judged as the minority in the Sub continent is the reason why their legal rights were always being countermanded. They were mistreated so badly and spent the time under the heel of cruel Hindus that the Muslim nation became dissatisfy, uncertainty began to increase as they starting feeling suffocated under the rule of Hindus and here is the point when their urge to breath in free air rose. The Muslims gathered on one platform under the command of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and started making every effort to have a separate homeland.  They were offended, scolded or imprisoned while performing in their holy places their religious duties. But at that time they could not do anything as they were faint nation. Pakistan came into existence following the cessation of loads of pulses for the freedom of imminent generations, for the sake of independent land.

        Have you ever realised that you can offer your religious duties freely? You have a freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, and freedom of living your lives according to your own customs. Absolutely, we can confess that this is exactly just because of the FREEDOM which was seized by the eminent mentors of Muslims of the Subcontinent who pledged to fight for an independent nation of Pakistan. The Muslims ruled the Subcontinent before the British incursion so ghulami was never their thing. Our national heroes are among the few who changed the map of the world. But the question here arises did the separation only thing the Muslims of Subcontinent need? Freedom we are having today is what they fought for. They sacrificed just to assemble a place full of freedom for their generations coming after. Are the generations fulfilling what they ought to do? Is this a perceptible independent state for them? If yes, then give ponder to the subject matter what we have done or doing for this country and for those ancestors. Now isn’t it up to us to regulate the country or you just want to stay right there at your homes watching television, cursing politicians? ‘Jesi qaum, wese hukmran’, this quote cannot be neglected.

        Word Pakistan is a conjunction of two words Pak meaning pure and Stan meaning land. Have we Pakistanis done something to make it pure still? A single person can change the community. What the designers do? A single designer change the full street style and people’s mind set in a minute. Why are we still scolding and doing nothing for Pakistan? Why neglecting the area of patriotism? Muslims separation wasn’t just the thing of falling apart of the two nation. It was the movement of freedom. Pakistanis must emphasize on country’s prosperity more instead of criticizing national leaders and founders and national dates. Separation of Bangladesh is a big example to be aware as the East Pakistan was being neglected from the governance and was being ignored. All the investment and developments were being done in the West Pakistan. What happened to East Pakistan was a huge misplacement. This was considered to be one of the major losses of the Pakistan and Muslim nation. Pakistan have changed the world’s map but couldn’t make a well place in the world and still feeding on IMF and world bank? Every second politician is starving for money in urge to fill their money boxes. Its big evidence is Panama leaks and so many more examples which can fill the pages but would never end. The dream was of peace, prosperity and good fortune but did their dream come true fully? Are we dealing with it fairly? Freedom is not just an abstract concept but something still worth dying for. Are we getting better since that day or becoming lot worse? We should focus on to bring Pakistan on right track of Jinnah’s dream preceded by Iqbal. Someone form awam will be the one who’d make a genuine change.

        So much has been claimed and so much done over the years that the mind no longer wants to take it in. It appears to be a great misconception that freedom is something which is meant to be protected on the borders even while it gets corrupted from within. Politicians push jawans on the borders to make sacrifices while they being cowards sitting oddly when home burns in a riot.

        Foremost thing is what have we accomplished and where does this nation stood compared to others. Are people getting good education, are they all healthy, are country’s natural resources safe and sound free from pollution, are we free from fear, are we breathing in free air, are our basic needs being fulfilled, have the change been brought? Energy problems, terrorism, drone attack, unemployment, inflation, Kashmir issues, and educational facilities, there are so many problems facing by Pakistan.

        An educationist never stops youth (if you know what I mean). Pakistan government and its people are still not taking any lessons from the past because twice they have gone through the outcomes of discriminatory management and not giving the people their adequate rights but regrettably no one is taking the lesson from the past. For sure there is no equality in the provinces as few provinces are being totally unmaintained by the federal government. There might be one more chance that any province will stand and will be pumped up for the separation. We still have time to be advanced and to upgrade by improving the situation because favors like 1947 never stays forever.

        A president of a Swiss bank gave remarks that ‘Pakistanis are poor people but Pakistan is not a poor country.’ Perfect natural resources, supportive weather system, diligent nation , ideal geography and strong willpower of its people to be something can be proved as a track to success (if they use it in a right way) which must be referred as God gifted since very few countries in the entire world are attaining these opportunities. That is why we need to protect our Pakistan.

        Even though Zarb-e-Azab operation has been operated magnificently against terrorists but government of Pakistan should take other well built mechanisms to banish terrorism. Government must endorse efficacious techniques to resolve electricity problems, overpopulation, poverty rate, education sector to increase literacy rate, issues regarding health and effective steps for the progression of economy.

        Have a look at the past when Pakistan was able enough to export electricity to India but now energy crisis have increased that they are unable to be resolved. This credit goes to the citizens who have adopted such a dear standard of living and luxurious life style which is leading to environmental problems around us. People living here are not taking anything seriously. I recognise the enjoyment a part of the life and lack of jollity leads to uninteresting life but it must be from something positive means. Enjoyment should be productive and bias free. Now what we should do is to cope with change altogether to make others and ourselves realise that we appreciate our norms and worth. Working together is the best strategy to bring change in any country. Latest Fashion is at its best while we talk about a change. It is one of the dominant groups of fashion industry in Pakistan which pleases you according to your demands. As long as change is concerned, fashion presents round the clock change in lifestyle. But for sure it is actually we who are responsible for changes in fashion as it is rightly said that ‘things don’t change, we change.’

‘They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.’

The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

        Some minor changes might be highly effective. This change is motivating and rousing for the optimistic and confident people because the challenge exists here to make things better. Change can be brought by anyone, by their own ways but one must be cautious not to create any unfavorable act. Now we are living as an independent nation relishing all the beauties, charm of a homeland whose dream was in the eyes and hearts of those who sacrificed and made unrestricted territory for us to live. It has become our foremost duty to serve our country in best manners to prove ourselves a self respective nation. It’s the time to work with that passion which was in the bloods of our national heroes who fought for our freedom; it’s the time for the strong commitment and sticking together with the devotion for the up gradation of this holy land. We should not compromise on our integrity and would never let our freedom and integrity being used by other late buildup dominant powers in the world. At this independent day, rethink about our plans, our efforts and their outcomes. We all should pray at this day of best for our pious land and confirm that we would not tolerate any harm on it and will make efforts for its protection till our last breath. A slogan given by father of the nation i.e. Unity, Faith and Discipline is what we badly need at this time. Nothing could be better than showing loyalty which definitely is a demand from this nation and country. Rise or fall for ever, it has to be done immediately, we are running out of time anyways.

At the end I have a thought that Pakistan should do some additional efforts to defense this state, to protect our borders. Different states, regions, castes. Creeds, ethics, norms, values, traditions, customs, identities, groups, communities, unions, parties, regional groups and social groups etc exist in this state. As human beings they all need their rights too, they need basic needs too. Everyone needs protection, security, safeguard of fundamental rights, freedom of speech, expression, gathering, life, property and needs as per changing world and territorial scenario. So rethink and bring about change which we and our country need right now. It’s time to wake up!!



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