Turn your weaknesses into strengths!

Weaknesses are something due to which we’re unable to achieve our goals. They stop us from going further to our destiny.

Everyone has weaknesses, as we all know; no one is perfect, but the point is the big achievers and successful individuals utilize them! (like the stronger exploits the weaker one), and what do you think toss them out your mind? This never happens man! Reality is diverse as one cannot disregard them however can make them fixed by transforming them into STRENGTHS. Here are three steps you can put in:

  1. Ever did a SWOT analysis? Its actually a self assessment; of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This will do a good turn to have a potent look on the future and be proactive.
  2. Once you’ve list down your strengths and weaknesses, consider how to merge them up. Those imperfections must reflect the qualities in them! It is a time to turn them up. Turn intends to do better job by keeping those weaknesses too instead of accusing all life what issues you’ve got within yourself.

Life isn’t about blaming! Every single person has got to do something. Everyone has a potential and a reason to come into this world. If you’d waste it by putting yourself down, then why is Bill Gates the most successful man on the planet? Nobody has been first born with silver spoon in their mouth.

So rethink and lets start ONCE AGAIN!

       3. Last one: never let others know about your weaknesses since they’d then treat you with such manners and your subconscious would accept them just the way they are, and you couldn’t make them any better.


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  1. Touraj Herl. says:

    Very well explained. Such counselling is the need of hour. Well done.
    Please add more tips about overcoming fears.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. javeriah says:

      I’ll consider that for sure


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