Much needed motivation!

Everyone wants to get work done on their souls.

Not everyone will understand what’s the right thing to do.

Did you ever realize why people are mostly disturbed and depressed? Because they are not finding their souls..because they cannot visualize what they really want..because people around them degrade them..and so many reasons you have in your mind I know.

The only solution you can have:


Ask yourself, would you truly like to explore new territory?

Thing to ponder: Do you really want to be satisfied and successful?




If yes, then read this article! (if you need motivation, only then!)

You must be insanely motivated! YOU MUST!

Then hop out of bed. I said JUMP! And What’s more, continue bouncing till a thought rings a bell…. (okay just stretching can work too)


If not, then stop reading and stay in that lethargic position, lye on your bed and keep watching screens and burn out in the hands of social media.

Ahan you like to get banked on? Here we go:

  1. Self assessment!

What you really have to do in your life is to assess yourself whether by writing a diary daily or staying at night just for 15 minutes to think. Think what you’ve got! You’ve learned today! Wanted to achieve! Want to accomplish tomorrow!

Stop carrying on with ordinary same game! Then you gotta be stubborn.

  1. PLAN!

Planning is motivational dude. In case you’re feeling dizzy and out of order, plan. This will get you start working again. One must realize what he is worthy of!

  1. Start now!

Wannna drive yet couldn’t make it done? Wanna write but couldn’t find words? Paint? Read? Learn a new language? Start a profession of your own like but parents aren’t supportive? Start a new business? Whatever it is..

Lets start from now! This is real time to get stuff done. Past has gone, future is just a spark, what’s real is present. They say if not now, then never!

It’s easy to get distracted but I hear people busting epic shit and eventually things will start to happen.

  1. Challenge yourself!

Lazy enough to even fetch a glass of water and I’m trying to motivate you, eh?

Challenge yourself buddy! It’s time to rock on!

So you think people have eyes on your success? (One must be on fire)

Challenge yourself simply!

Otherwise you can’t set a benchmark.

  1. Get inspired!

Never ever make this mistake to not get inspired! Without inspiration you cannot reach that point.

Look! Even an author set an inspiration because without it he’ll continue to write in the same style and people will get bored easily. But don’t FOLLOW anyone, explore your inner. Everyone has that spark but not everyone has that ability to realize it, so be that.

  1. Keen observation:

Have a keen observation on what makes you happy while working, if it is eating while studying, or music while running. If you can’t learn while sitting comparatively then Sand up!

  • Lock yourself in a room, think what will be the reward..


Parents’ proud

Future contentment

Self satisfaction

  • Set goals, get inspired, start from the small ones, make To-do-lists, may be like that or you can change the format:


Monthly (February):

Yearly (2018):

  1. Listen to your heart!

Here we are talking about ourselves not people!

STOP caring what others say. This will definitely get you really down. But don’t forget to be a good guy at the same time while climbing your ladder.

Don’t have opportunities? Make them! Don’t make excuses.

  • Life is not just running over what parents or teachers or society want. It’s about achieving and dying with a name written in others hearts.

The thing is you’ll never succeed if you don’t listen to your own heart!

I repeat:



I read a lot and yes I draw too ‘cause this is what I want (even if I have exams or other stuff to do) so what?

Should I stop doing it? Surely not!

Will you stop yourself because you can’t do it? No way!

People call you crazy? Okay..what’s so bad about it?

If you’ve already made up you damn mind, doors will open automatically.

  1. Talk about your goals:

The trick to have definite achievements is to talk about it, to you and at public. It’ll become your most priority otherwise nobody likes unsuccessful, lazy and weak person 😉

  1. Avoid depression:

Can I share my own tip for letting my brain rest? I feed my pigeons and when they pick the food I keep on starring them and often I find myself smiling and talking to them babyish.

Stress relief!!!!

  • Read good books (I can recommend if you want). Reading books makes a person reach that level priory which other people reach step by step and slowly—my father says that usually and I agree totally.
  • Exercising 10 minutes a day is really helpful. All the lazy pieces right there, this is something you need to work on seriously.
  • Avoid depression. Avoid the same flow of routine. Do something new and fun because normal is bland.
  • You must create a new playlist which can get you from being a couch potato to a fast runner Usain Bolt. Start listening to a different genre. And when music goes on….

Your blood must flow really in your veins man!  Like this ^

Lemme tell you! Sad music makes you feel weak and push to the darkness! STOP listening shit!

I’m sorry if you’re offended but I told you in the beginning, read this ONLY IF YOU NEED MOTIVATION!

  • Get rid of the procrastination. Try to extract positivity from every aspect of life! too many exclamation marks?
  • Change your alarm weekly so your body doesn’t learn to ignore it.

10. Think!

The last but not least:

Think deep but not too much!

Wanna start? Lets start!

‘cause tomorrow would never come…..


16 Comments Add yours

  1. 👍Love your blogs.. very inspiring and motivational.. keep it up😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome dear:)


  2. Great inspiration post. I try to avoid self-doubt as most as I can. It is such an evil thing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hell yeahh! And we usually underestimate our qualities whereas it’s all our mind’s game.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great post with great insight to draw from and really empower and motivates someone . Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad that you felt this way. Thankyou😍


  4. Diana says:

    Amazing advice. I will definitely follow this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to hear😍 thankyou.


  5. Powers Diary says:

    Amazing advice/motivation. Really inspiring and helpful

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou so much! Happy to know that it inspired you, stay motivated x


  6. allaboutselfemployment says:

    Great advice! Proper motivation is the key to success.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou😊 Yeah! You’re right and stay motivated x


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